2022 Lakes and Trails Festival Report

This post contains the final report on the 2022 Lakes and Trails Festival, a history of the Festival and some of the possible suggestions for future Festivals. Please read and comment with your suggestions. The last paragraph of the report says:

“There is great potential for a Festival built around these themes – South Frontenac’s natural beauty, history and active lifestyle .  It showcases the area and fits into broader discussions on some of the strengths of South Frontenac.  It attracts both residents and visitors. There is a volunteer base to do the work on the day, it just needs central organizing help.

Historic Sydenham Escape Adventure returns to Lakes and Trails Festival:

The Spirit of Sydenham Awaits!

Small towns are full of mysteries. Some people talk, but others do not.

Sydenham’s hearsay tells us that a body went missing, but whose body was it? Only a revealing walk through the history of this town will tell. Come to the Lakes and Trails Festival, July 16 , the Point Park, Sydenham to participate.

The spirit of this unidentified body is unable to rest until you find out who he was, and why he was so fond of the village of Sydenham. You are the experts who will solve this crime.

The Historic Sydenham Escape Adventure Walk is part of the Lakes and Trails Festival, a celebration of our active lifestyle, natural beauty and history.

You’ll start at the detective’s tent located it the Point Park Festival headquarters. A detective will tell you the little they know and then turn the crime over to you. You will be given a map, a bag of clues, and a clue decoder card. To solve the mystery, you will visit the places where the mysterious person’s descendants spent time. You will find out more about these places as you read diary entries . At each location, you will gather a clue that will help to confirm their identity. At the end of your adventure, you can confirm your solution at the detective’s tent. And, if you softly whisper his name into the wind, you will possibly meet their spirit .

The Historic Sydenham Outdoor Escape Adventure should take about 60 minutes and involves walking a 2-kilometre paved and gravel route around the village. It will be best enjoyed in small groups working together, 2-8 people, with 4-6 as the optimal size.

No pre-registration is required.  Come anytime between 8:45 and noon to the Point Park, Sydenham on Saturday, July 16.

Lakes and Trails Festival Registration Opens

Online Registration for all group events and the bicycle tune-up clinic at the July 17 Lakes and Trails Festival is now available at: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/lakes-trails-2021-tickets-159996819795.

Registration is open for the:

  • 9:30am and 10:30am Family Cycle: an 8-kilometre route on a flat off-road trail beside Sydenham Lake. Suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • 9:00am and 10:00am Bike-Around-the- Lake: a 21-kilometre route on trails and quiet country roads going around Sydenham Lake.
  • 9:00am long paddle circumnavigating Sydenham Lake, about 3 hours.
  • 10:00am short paddle on Sydenham Lake, about one hour
  • bike tune-up/ repair station in half hour intervals running from 9:00am to 12:30 run by GearUp Kingston.

Scroll down the registration page for all events.

All activities are free.  The tune -up clinic is pay what you can with a suggested donation of $30 for individuals and $20 per bike for families to help cover the costs of materials and labour.

Self-guided, any-time, activities include:

  • a cycle route up to Desert Lake, 35 kilometers on hilly country roads suitable for advanced riders.
  • a historical scavenger hunt to identify Points of interest around Sydenham.

All events start at the Point Park in Sydenham, South Frontenac.

Participants in the Festival will receive a festival ball cap on completion of their activity and be invited to pick-up lunch and shop at the many stores and restaurants in South Frontenac.  The Festival is a community celebration of South Frontenac’s natural environment, active lifestyle and history.

Donations are welcome and volunteers needed.

Third Annual Festival Planning Started

The Organizing Committee has had its first meeting to start planning the 2019, third annual, Lakes and Trails Festival.

All the core activities will be there to celebrate our natural history and active lifestyle: Frontenac Outfitters new and exciting boats to try on the lake, the cycling activities and the historic walk of Sydenham.

We hope the Dragon Boat will return with a War Canoe, the Sydenham Walking group is planning a hike to Harrowsmith and back on the Cataraqui Trail and there will be live music on the point for children and adults.

And, of course, we will again have a large community lunch for everyone who participates. All events will continue to be free and donations before or at the event are welcome.

We have an initial flyer to get the word out. If you have an event where we could distribute the flyers, please contact us. We look forward to seeing everyone on July 20th. 20190204_110545 (1)

Full Lakes and Trails 2018 Activity Schedule

The linked poster includes the complete 2018 Lakes and Trails Festival activity list.  Please feel free to run off and post.    Bring you bikes, boats, swim suits and walking shoes, or just come for the conversation and to find out more about South Frontenac’s natural beauty, active lifestyle and history. We look forward to seeing you all on July 14.

Lakes and Trails final 2018 8 x 11

Walk Historic Sydenham at the Lakes and Trails Festival

The second annual Lakes and Trails Festival is on July 14 in Sydenham Ontario. It celebrates the areas natural beauty, active lifestyle and history.

Sydenham is a historic village dating back to early 1800s.  It is home to Canada’s longest continually running general store and has vibrant industrial and cultural history.

The walk of historic Sydenham follows a 2 kilometre route with local history interpreters.  The historic interpreters will be on the route from 9:30 am to noon.

Go at your own pace.  The walk starts at The Point Park.  Come at a time convenient to you and hear stories from Sydenham’s past.

If you want a longer walk Sydenham is close to the junction of the Cataraqui Trail, the K+P Trail and the Rideau Trail.  Frontenac  Provincial Park is only 12 Kilometers north.  All provide wonderful hiking options.

After the walk stay for a free community lunch – donations appreciated – and a free music concert on Mill Street. There will be a not-free beer garden and coffee patio with other treats.

Other events include paddling on the lake, cycling around the lake, a cycle skills competition, a children’s music concert with Gary Raspberry and a variety of other activities and booths. Join-in where you can.

Registration begins at 9:30 in Sydenham’s Point Park and the music ends at 4. Come any time.