Crafter’s Application Form

This year, the Lakes and Trails Festival is introducing a small “Crafters’ Fair”. We are most interested in crafters who are local, produce items that reflect our natural environment and would be of interest to the “outdoorsy” clientele expected to attend.

Crafters are required to provide their own shade tent or other protection for the weather.  Set up time is 8:00 – 9:00 on Saturday July 20. Take down time is NO EARLIER than 2:00pm.  Each crafter must have a visible sign indicating their name, art/craft and general location. ie- Bob Smith’s woodworking, Sydenham. Business cards are encouraged.

Cost is $30 for one space one table, $40 for one space two tables and $55 for two spaces two tables.

Thank you for your interest in the Lakes and Trails local artisans show.  If you are interest in joining please fill in the attached form and email it to the address at the end of the form.

crafter’s application