2018 Lakes and Trails Activity Commitments Start

Endorsements and involvement have started rolling in for this years Lakes and Trails Festival on July 14.

• The Kingston Public Library is coming with their giant lawn games.
• Frontenac Outfitters will be there with their boats and paddling help.
• Trousdale’s General Store will have ice cream for all participants.
• Barb Mclaren and crew are organizing the BBQ.
• The Cataraqui Canoe Club will be leading a canoe trip on Sydenham lake starting and ending at the Point.

And, there is more to come. If you have an idea, or want to help, send it along.



Additional 2018 Activities

The 2018 Lakes and Trails Festival on July 14 will incorporate the following suggestions made by participants in last summer’s festival.

  • A short family bike trip out and back on the Cataraqui Trail.
  • A lifeguard at the paddling site.
  • Different start times for the four bike rides: 9:30 for the 44K loop Around-the-Lake, 10 for the 36K loop, 10:30 for the 21K loop and 11am for the family bike. All trips will have a lead and sweep biker.
  • A bicycle repair station on site.
  • A meet-up station for people wishing to paddle in a group.
  • Live music in the village so that participants can have a patio drink in Sydenham in the afternoon.
  • More organized parking.
  • More space for the BBQ and more food.
  • A cycle skills competition with “leader board” and prizes by age group.

Any other ideas are welcome, we are still in the early planning stages.  Also, you can come out and help plan or volunteer on the day.  Thank you to everyone for all the feedback.



2018 Festival July 14

Organizing is underway for the 2018 Lakes and Trails Festival.

The Festival will be held on Saturday, July 14 with activities at the Point park in Sydenham village, South Frontenac, 9:30am to 2pm.  We hope to expand the festival to include live music on George and Mill Streets with opportunities to enjoy a drink or coffee after a morning of activity.

The Festivals will include a bike around the Lake with an added short bike out and back on the Cataraqui Trail for younger families.  Paddling will again be organized by the Sydenham Canoe club. Local residents and historical interpreters will organize a new version of the walking tour of Sydenham village.

To see pictures of last years festival click the Picture item on the top menu.

See you on July 14.

Pictures from the 2017 Festival

Thank you to the many volunteers, supporters and participants who made the first annual Lakes and Trials Festival a fun, active community event.


Thank you to the 50 riders who, lead by Alastair Lamb, Wally Stanton and Steve Tanner from South Frontenac Rides, biked around the lake. Thank you to the dozens of paddlers who, under the watchful eye of Helen Parfitt, the Sydenham Canoe Club and Frontenac Outfitters, paddled the lake. And, to the many who shared stories with Wilma Kenny and her team of historic interpreters, Gini Trousdale, Christine Kennedy, Peter Hamilton and Joanne Ankers, thank you. There are many more stories to come.

The younger participants, when they were not testing their cycle skills at the rodeo with Scott Gordon, Fran and John Willis and Cycle Kingston, or learning about fire safety in South Frontenac’s Fire and Rescue’s Inflatable home, were playing the KFL+A public library’s wonderful outdoor lawn games.

Everyone thanks Rose Pennock and her crew for the BBQ and Trousdale’s General store for the cooling ice cream.

Thank you to our many neighbours from the south who biked from Kingston, by themselves or with the Velo Club; the flotilla who paddled from the Wilmer Boat launch with Dave Linton and the Cataraqui Canoe Club, and those who helped power the Dragon Boat with the Kingston Dragon Boat club. We look forward to you visiting South Frontenac anytime.

This was a real community event. The support of the many sponsors, listed on our webpage, lakesandtrailsfestival.org, made the event possible and open to everyone in the community. The many volunteers who made signs, registered people, wrote information hand outs, put up posters, and spent many hours in committee meetings working out the details made the event run smoothly. Thank you.

Finally, for the many who asked, the fun facts about South Frontenac are: We have 176 named lakes, 12% of Sydenham Lake’s shore is wetland and the lake is 120 feet deep. The Cataraqui Trail is 106 kilometers long and runs from Smith Falls to Strathcona, next to Napanee. It was purchased from the CNR.

We would love to hear your comments, good and bad, about this year’s festival and hope to see you next year.



Lakes and Trails Festival Site and Historical Walk Maps Done

The map of the Festival’s activities on the Point has been finalized. It is attached and shows a wide range of events for all ages and abilities.
L+T site map.
The map for this year’s historical walk has joined other maps of the Bike Around the Lake and the Paddle on the Lake. There is so much to see and do around Sydenham.


Participation Pays at Festival

All participants in the Lakes and Trails Festival will get an InFrontenac T-shirt, modeled by Bob, an ice cream cone, courtesy of Trousdale’s General Store, a community BBQ, paid for by the Festival sponsors, and a water bottle from the KFL+A Public Health Unit.

Participation involves signing up, then doing something active, whatever is within your ability: bike, swim, play an giant outdoor game, walk, explore Sydenham’s history, try a dragon boat, paddle on the lake. Bring your own boat or try one supplied by Frontenac Outfitters. Everyone is welcome and all events are free.

See you on Saturday, July 15 from 10-2 at the Point in Sydenham.

New Additions to the Festival

Giant Lawn Games

The KFL+A Public Library will be bringing their giant lawn games to the festival. Over sized jenga, chess, checkers, snakes and ladders, dominoes and tic tac toe will be set up between the ball diamond and the Point. Be sure to chat with library staff about the many children’s programs at our local branch during July and August, and ask about their new Go Explore #In Frontenac backpacks.

Giant games photo

Frontenac Outfitters

Frontenac Outfitters is also coming to the Festival. They will be bringing a trailer full of boats to use free of charge to paddle on the lakes. In conjunction with the Canoe Club, introductory instruction will also be available.


These are some of the participation prizes donated to the Lakes and Trails Festival.  Our thanks to Frontenac Provincial Park (a year pass and hoodie), the Cataraqui Conservation Authority (a year pass), Frontenac Cycle (two helmets), KFL+A Public Health (a helmet and light), and CyclePath (a gift certificate).  Also all participants will receive ice cream, thanks to Trousdale’s general store, and a t-shirt, thanks to the County of Frontenac and the Lakes and Trials festival. And, there are more to come.

prizes lakes and trails

Cataraqui Canoe Club Joins Festival

The Cataraqui Canoe Club has scheduled a trip to join the Lakes and Trails Festival.  I have attached the write -up from their club’s bulletin.  Please note, if you want to join this event you must pre-register with Dave Linton.  It looks like a lot of fun.  There is also a shorter, family friendly, paddle staring at 11am from the Point with the Sydenham Canoe Club; or come and paddle at your leisure.  There will be  information posts about lakes in South Frontenac at different points around the west end of the lake.

Cataraqui Canoe Club Trip – July 15

Festival of Lakes and Trails occurs on this day. The native drums of South Frontenac have spoken. We are invited.  The plan is to dispatch our flotilla from the Wilmer Road boat launch. Keeping land on the port beam, we will eventually arrive at the Point Park, where we will do a “paddle past”.   A landing party will then be dispatched. We will be offered meat from the barbecue, and water from the Fountain Of Youth (they claim).  No bartering required. The Hysterical Society of South Frontenac will be presenting an unusual gift to the most unusual best dressed up water craft. This gift is a rare find, and its’ authenticity has been verified by the Department of Rockology.  So dress up your boats, and come in costume if you like. After the barbeque, we will map a route back to Wilmer Rd. boat launch.  There is open water, so check the weather forecast. Probability of a 12 km paddle or more.  Call Dave for more details. This is a celebration of lakes trails and waterways of South Frontenac that allow us to immerse ourselves in the natural beauty that surrounds us, and be so moved by it.

Dave Linton…613-376-6883