Cataraqui Canoe Club Joins Festival

The Cataraqui Canoe Club has scheduled a trip to join the Lakes and Trails Festival.  I have attached the write -up from their club’s bulletin.  Please note, if you want to join this event you must pre-register with Dave Linton.  It looks like a lot of fun.  There is also a shorter, family friendly, paddle staring at 11am from the Point with the Sydenham Canoe Club; or come and paddle at your leisure.  There will be  information posts about lakes in South Frontenac at different points around the west end of the lake.

Cataraqui Canoe Club Trip – July 15

Festival of Lakes and Trails occurs on this day. The native drums of South Frontenac have spoken. We are invited.  The plan is to dispatch our flotilla from the Wilmer Road boat launch. Keeping land on the port beam, we will eventually arrive at the Point Park, where we will do a “paddle past”.   A landing party will then be dispatched. We will be offered meat from the barbecue, and water from the Fountain Of Youth (they claim).  No bartering required. The Hysterical Society of South Frontenac will be presenting an unusual gift to the most unusual best dressed up water craft. This gift is a rare find, and its’ authenticity has been verified by the Department of Rockology.  So dress up your boats, and come in costume if you like. After the barbeque, we will map a route back to Wilmer Rd. boat launch.  There is open water, so check the weather forecast. Probability of a 12 km paddle or more.  Call Dave for more details. This is a celebration of lakes trails and waterways of South Frontenac that allow us to immerse ourselves in the natural beauty that surrounds us, and be so moved by it.

Dave Linton…613-376-6883