Historic Sydenham Escape Adventure returns to Lakes and Trails Festival:

The Spirit of Sydenham Awaits!

Small towns are full of mysteries. Some people talk, but others do not.

Sydenham’s hearsay tells us that a body went missing, but whose body was it? Only a revealing walk through the history of this town will tell. Come to the Lakes and Trails Festival, July 16 , the Point Park, Sydenham to participate.

The spirit of this unidentified body is unable to rest until you find out who he was, and why he was so fond of the village of Sydenham. You are the experts who will solve this crime.

The Historic Sydenham Escape Adventure Walk is part of the Lakes and Trails Festival, a celebration of our active lifestyle, natural beauty and history.

You’ll start at the detective’s tent located it the Point Park Festival headquarters. A detective will tell you the little they know and then turn the crime over to you. You will be given a map, a bag of clues, and a clue decoder card. To solve the mystery, you will visit the places where the mysterious person’s descendants spent time. You will find out more about these places as you read diary entries . At each location, you will gather a clue that will help to confirm their identity. At the end of your adventure, you can confirm your solution at the detective’s tent. And, if you softly whisper his name into the wind, you will possibly meet their spirit .

The Historic Sydenham Outdoor Escape Adventure should take about 60 minutes and involves walking a 2-kilometre paved and gravel route around the village. It will be best enjoyed in small groups working together, 2-8 people, with 4-6 as the optimal size.

No pre-registration is required.  Come anytime between 8:45 and noon to the Point Park, Sydenham on Saturday, July 16.

Author: Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.

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