Dragon Boat Returns to the Lakes and Trails Festival

The Kingston Dragon Boat Club will be bringing on of its boats, plus a captain, to the Third Annual Lakes and Trails Festival, July 20, at the Point Park in Sydenham. The public are invited to be part of the crew and paddle the Dragon Boat up Sydenham Lake.

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The dragon boat experience was one of the highlights at the first Lakes and Trails Festival. Anyone who meets minimum size requirements is welcome to join the Dragon Boat crew. There will be numerous trips over the morning. Just bring your interest, love of being outdoors and willingness to crew a boat.

The Dragon Boat Club joins Frontenac Outfitters in providing a variety of paddling experiences to Festival participants.

The Lakes and Trails Festival is a community celebration of South Frontenac’s active lifestyle, natural beauty and history. It focuses on walking, paddling and cycling activities and includes a live outdoor music concert and free community lunch. Everyone is welcome to attend. Registration starts at 9 am at the Point Park in Sydenham, South Frontenac. Come anytime until two pm. There is no registration fee.

For more information on activities and schedules go to the Festival’s website, https://lakesandtrailsfestival.org/, or visit the Lakes and Trials Festival Facebook page.

Author: Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.

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