The Around the Lake Bike Routes Map

There are three Around the Lake bike routes:  21K, 32K and 44K.   About 70% of the trips are on the Cataraqui Trail and the K+P Trail.  Paved,  low-speed, low-volume country roads make up the rest with one 200 meter stretch on a paved shoulder of Sydenham Road, and 80k/hr arterial road.  There are a few gentle hills but the routes are primarily flat.

The routes can be viewed at: Lakes_Trails Festival-Around the Lake (2)

Author: Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.

2 thoughts on “The Around the Lake Bike Routes Map”

    1. Hi Malcom. We don’t have bikes to rent from the Festival. The closest shop is Trail Time Junction, about 5 k away, though they may be at the site and if you contacted them ahead of time, they might be willing to drop a bike in Sydenham with the organizers. Their contact information is 4916 Hwy 38, Kingston, Ontario. (613) 530-6872. It is also possible to bike from their shop to the festival on the Cataraqui trail (it basically goes right by their door and passes very close to the Festival site: that woud be another option. A hybrid bike would be best for the trail. thanks very much for your interest, the Lakes and Trails Festival.


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