Additional 2018 Activities

The 2018 Lakes and Trails Festival on July 14 will incorporate the following suggestions made by participants in last summer’s festival.

  • A short family bike trip out and back on the Cataraqui Trail.
  • A lifeguard at the paddling site.
  • Different start times for the four bike rides: 9:30 for the 44K loop Around-the-Lake, 10 for the 36K loop, 10:30 for the 21K loop and 11am for the family bike. All trips will have a lead and sweep biker.
  • A bicycle repair station on site.
  • A meet-up station for people wishing to paddle in a group.
  • Live music in the village so that participants can have a patio drink in Sydenham in the afternoon.
  • More organized parking.
  • More space for the BBQ and more food.
  • A cycle skills competition with “leader board” and prizes by age group.

Any other ideas are welcome, we are still in the early planning stages.  Also, you can come out and help plan or volunteer on the day.  Thank you to everyone for all the feedback.



Author: Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.

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